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Hi All -

As you know, we've been racing a 135i in BMW Club Racing stock class. So our modifications are very modest. Some lowering springs, racing brake pads, UUC front sway bar, bigger tires, more negative camber and Dinan Stage 2 software are about the only performance mods that we have.

After the PIR event in early Oct., we were putting the street pads back in for the drive home and noticed the caliper pistons beginning to crumble apart!!! We have never seen anything like it on any stock brake system from BMW.

Luckily, for the next event, we were able to borrow another pair of OEM calipers from Evolution Raceworks (thanks Fred). So we just raced the car at Sear's Point this past weekend on those calipers and after just one event, they are showing the same signs of starting to break apart!

Our car is basically configured the way an instructor or an A or B level student may configure their car, and this could be a very huge safety concern.

We'll get some pictures posted up as soon as Ralph gets them in his photo gallery.

Does anybody know if the components are any different/better in the BMW Performance Parts brake upgrade kit for the 135i?
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