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Originally Posted by andrew@southernBM View Post
I'd like to thank the Original poster to this, in my opinion, a major issue.

I had the car on the hoist today and elected after reading that post to remove the pads and take a look, the photo you see is the one i took and emailed the owner, i have others but they are not as clear as the one posted. The Piston crack is a major issue to me and i am just glad we saw it as the car was to see a track tomorrow night, there are other cracks visible but the one you see is more than a crack, the piston has come apart and the section you see that looks like a crack actually fell out in my hands, this is dangerous stuff.

I'm not sure BMW will see it the way you guys are, who are calling for a recall, but we will see.

I am just so thankful we saw this now and not 'after' the .......

I hope to have some more information on this tomorrow when i hear back from BMW.
I completely agree. My car is with Andrew for prepping for the track day tomorrow, and this could really have been a bad result on the track, and I am not talking about my times either! So thanks Scott. Buy you a beer if you ever come to Australia. :thumbup:

Btw, my car is only a few months old and have done 4000km, of which there were 4 track days on it. This is rediculous, and if BMW/Brembo doesn't acknowledge the issue, I will be very dissapointed.