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Originally Posted by Garduna View Post
well i guess it is just like the guy that bought a 3 series and made it into a stealth m3. Now 1ers can make their 1 series into a 3 series..... not that it is bad or anything
Originally Posted by pousa13 View Post
looks really like a M3 front bumper
i would like to see it in real
in germany you can already get in on ebay
Originally Posted by untouchableE82 View Post
lol i was just thinking about that too.
thats a good one.
Now that I look at the bumper more closely, I think it resembles an M3 more than a the lower priced 328 and 335. So in that case I guess I couldn't buy an M3 if I wanted to right now . (technically a 3 series is any of those cars)

I didn't mind the 3 series that were made into an M3(although I had mix feelings about the 328), but I am not sure how I feel about the 1 series, it just seems out of place especially considering the size of the car. Either way I wouldn't mind seeing it done, but it just won't be me doing it:wink: