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Here's another one

Here's another one. I wasn't going to upload this one since it was my worst run of the night but when I took a close look at it, there is some excellent information to be seen about why it was a sub-optimal run.

The time slip showed 13.772 @ 106.23. iPhone showed 13.81 @ 112.4. ET near perfect again but trap overestimated. Oh well.....

Now for the learning points:

1. On this run I decided to use more rpm on launch and a more aggressive clutch release since my earlier runs had hooked up fairly well. Predictable results unfortunately - see the yellow curve for loss of traction and DTC correction. This is "one quick press" DTC mode which was how I got my best times the previous week. With DSC and DTC off there is too much wheelspin so for now, I'm sticking with one press DTC mode.

2. By the time I grabbed 2nd I knew this wasn't going to be a PB. However, I missed the change into 3rd by trying to be super quick on the shift. It's the first time I've ever missed a gearshift in this car. I thought I was immune to that problem but the big dip in the yellow power curve says otherwise - compare to the graph in the previous post.

So in conclusion, the iPhone Dynolicious application appears to be an accurate performance measurement tool and an even better analysis and learning tool for acceleration testing.