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Bmw 125i/135i or Audi S3..?

Hey all.. I was in the market for the Bmw 125i which with desired options is about 63k driveaway. I was considering stretching the budget and eating out less and getting 2009 S3 Sportsback DSG (stronic) which is 77k driveaway (most options) and about a 3 month wait. Or get the 135i which is about 80k driveaway (good options ticked)..

Now the thing is i was at the audi dealer today and he offered me a new 2008 S3 Manual Limited edition (sunroof, bucket seats, darkened wheels) for 65k driveaway. Now this one is not the just recently facelifted S3 with the daytime LED lights. I think the facelifted S3 is more A4 looking but still quite a small facelift.

Question is which car would you choose? I have thoughts about chipping the s3 to make more power and i am worried about if the dsg box can take 430nm once chipped. I know Bmw has better driver involvement and residual but this manual 2008 s3 is tempting me for the price ($65k) and chipped will make 236kw and 430nm.. damm im in decisive...

thoughts and advice please guys...