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Good info. Then it is not a "regular" gear box ISF has haha. I thought it was double clutched + some tweak to make this fast. Did not you see the Top Gear review of the ISF???? It meant to really quick... it may not be a double clutch like the VW or the Audi's but close to it.

Lexus brochure says, "The IS F is equipped with an 8-speed Sports Direct Shift (SPDS) transmission that upshifts in a mere 0.1 second, which is as fast as a manual in the hands of a top racing driver. Downshifts in a mere 0.3 seconds are accompanied by blips of the throttle (like a true race car) for smoother downshifting performance." Tell you what, combining the gearbox and the roaring V8 ( the salesman said the duo intake making all the noise), it is a fun car to drive. I will get it if $ allows and I can get pass that Toyota like interior..

Well I think the 135 goes up say 0.25 seconds and go down 0.45 seconds hehe.. .

I am going to Lexus tomorrow with my colleague and I will ask them technical details about the gear box. I wonder there is a display of the gear box better than the photo in your link.
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