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Hey all.. I was in the market for the Bmw 125i which with desired options is about 63k driveaway. I was considering stretching the budget and eating out less and getting 2009 S3 Sportsback DSG (stronic) which is 77k driveaway (most options) and about a 3 month wait. Or get the 135i which is about 80k driveaway (good options ticked)..

Now the thing is i was at the audi dealer today and he offered me a new 2008 S3 Manual Limited edition (sunroof, bucket seats, darkened wheels) for 65k driveaway. Now this one is not the just recently facelifted S3 with the daytime LED lights. I think the facelifted S3 is more A4 looking but still quite a small facelift.

Question is which car would you choose? I have thoughts about chipping the s3 to make more power and i am worried about if the dsg box can take 430nm once chipped. I know Bmw has better driver involvement and residual but this manual 2008 s3 is tempting me for the price ($65k) and chipped will make 236kw and 430nm.. damm im in decisive...

thoughts and advice please guys...
Difficult choice, I agree with et 381 and others who've also stated that a current S3 for 65k with options drive-away is a fantastic price, if it were me for that price, I wouldn't even bother looking at the 135i anymore as it's 15k over that and consider comparing only to the 125i, which IMHO is left totally outclassed o/a by the fact there's a short article in the current Top Gear mag. (check it out) where the current S3 is compared to the 135i, Evo 10, Sti and there's even a mention of all the other hot hatches on the market ATM and their pick is the S3 over all of them...:wink:

Even in terms of performance on a certain trek they took the cars on the S3 was convincingly better than even the 135i and they stated the obvious that the S3's interior (like all Audis) looks like it belongs in a $100,000 car :smile:

If the above vehicles are your definite final choices, IMHO the S3 is the clear winner :smile:

BTW FYI the uprated DSG in both the current S3 and TTS can easily handle 450nm - have a talk to the guys at APR, they have a tune for the S3 putting it at 240kw and 450nm....need I say anymore