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Originally Posted by Guran View Post
Great shots aedeau. I had to chuckle about the rear window view photo ... nothing but a bloody great wing blocking the view of the 1er behind. Rear visibility is one of my pet gripes with the sporty VEs (not too mention that huge A pillar blocking front three-quarter visibility). I hope you enjoyed the drive with all those 1ers.
Thanks Guran, yeah, the pics turned out quite good. There are a couple of pics there where sports mode wasn't selected and turned out blurry, but oh well...

I thought the pic through the rear window was quite funny as well. I don't mind the A-pillar size, i think the poor visibility is largely due to the side rear view mirrors. Unlike the BMW ones, they aren't really convex with the additional blind spot bit on the edge. As a result, the side rear view mirrors only give you vision to about the B-pillar, which is quite useless

I've just learned to triple check before i change lanes now. 1) rear-view, 2) side mirrors, 3) shoulder check. The shoulder check is absolutely essential in that car, as failing to do so can result in merging on top of another car, as I've found out about 3 times