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Greetings 1Addicts Australia!

A big hearty hello to all of you! :smile:

I thought being a new year and all, and already bored first day back at work, that I write in and introduce myself. Apologies for the long read - I hope it's at least interesting to some of you.

Before I begin, I wanted to thank all of the contributors of this website. The information which I have been reading religiously is very valuable and entertaining! Keep it up! More on this point later.

So here's a bit about this addict...

I wouldn't go calling myself a 1Addict, BMWAddict seems more appropriate. Without boring all of you on which ones I've had (and the ones I still do), I'll tell you about what it took for me to finally sell my beloved E46 330i after 8 years.

I had intended for the E46 330i to be a family heirloom. This decision came after I decided the E90's weren't quite right for me - I had been an obsessed 3-series buyer for years. Though some are critical about 'new' BMW styling and how it's changed the brand for them, I just think the E90 has simply gotten too big to be as nimble as I'd like. And curiously, this hasn't translated to greater interior space. My E46 330i was lovely, obscenely optioned and clocked only 30,000kms during it's time with me.

In around May 2007, spy stories about a 1-series coupe started to surface. There was also much talk (and photos) about a 1-series convertible prototype BMW was showcasing. Being a E46 driver at the time, I was never blown off my feet by the 1-series hatchback but the 'notchback' reminded me very much of my other joy, a 1974 2002Tii, which I should mention I still have.

At around this time, an opportunity to sample the 335i came my way and at Eastern Creek Raceway no less. I liked the engine. I liked it very much. When it emerged that those 1-series coupe spy shots were indicative of BMW's intention to put the twin-turbo 3 litre into that car, I was already pretty much mentally sold on the idea of buying one.

On May 19, 2008, I sampled one of the first E82 135i's in the country, a Sparkling Graphite Metallic. It was clear to me. I just want one (oops, no offense HSV). The next day, I travelled to the US due to work and my enthusiasm rubbed off on my US workmate so much he ended up buying one and forgoing his Hybrid. Perhaps it was so we didn't have to keep visiting BMW dealerships anymore whilst I was there, or perhaps he had enough of my ranting about how it was half the price of one in Australia. Mind you, this was during that short-lived period when we thought AUD and USD would reach parity!

Upon my return to Australia, I hurriedly shopped around for a 135i, at that time because of the imminent LCT increase. However, none due into the country were quite as stupidly optioned as what I had wanted for my new family heirloom. And so I took a decision that I'd have one built. A SGM it was to be. I bought it on June 15, it was due November 30.

And here's when 1Addicts saved me.

In around July, news emerged of a new iDrive system. On 1Addict, the whole UK Product Marketing update got posted and contained a wealth of information. Being a professional geek, I knew I wanted the new iDrive, mostly because it's newer and had more buttons! And so I asked my BMW Dealer for clarification on this rumour.

Being not unfamiliar with how manufacturers have to handle product obsolescence, I knew it was unlikely they would be able to confirm if such an update was imminent. However, I also thought they wouldn't be able to deny the occurrence as they would simply be setting me up to be a very unhappy customer when the news became official. And so an obvious and reasonable middle ground was found - that they would hold my order until we got some clarity. I pretty much took that as confirmation the rumours were true.

Despite thinking I had plenty of time to part with my E46 330i, I managed to let my head take this decision instead of my heart and had put it on consignment sale at a friendly pre-owned Prestige Car dealer I knew. On July 10 after a little over a week, it was sold. Little did I know this decision probably saved my need to cancel my order, post October.

In September, it became clear the news (I first read on 1Addicts) about iDrive was correct. I was advised a November build would be of safe margin to ensure I got this update. Alas, confirmation also came that SGM was no more which I also read about on 1Addicts. And so Space Grey it is, sight unseen. You guys can call me 'Sprey'. :wink:

Today, my car is on Don Carlos and nearing Melbourne before the vessel continues onto Port Kembla on the 7th. This is after it's world voyage from Germany, to Belgium, France, UK, South Africa, Reunion Island, and even Fremantle! Heck, it's been closer to my hometown WA friends even before it gets to me. Am I excited? Well, after 6 months some of that has calmed down and certainly reading 1Addicts has helped time pass.

With that, I end this long-winded introduction. Happy New Year everyone! I know for me at least, January is going to be really great!