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Originally Posted by takahashi View Post
For any make, the dealer will not try to void your warranty. The amount they charge to you or the head office, in this case, BMW Australia, is the same. There is no benefit to them beside losing a customer to blame on the mod and not trying to claim warranty for you, unless they cannot clearly write in their claim form about the faulty part. At the end of the day, it is the head office to decide the claim is valid or not.
Just to be clear, this news came from the dealer, but not instigated by the dealer.

The dealer said *BMW* do not want people tuning their cars as they feel it reflects poorly on the brand and affects resale. Basically, they'd rather not have you as a customer. It may well be true as I know Audi are taking strong steps to stop people modding Audi's. Could also be complete BS

As for the specific mod needs to be found responsible for the issue caused... I just saw a case on an R32 where the conrod's had been bent, VW denied the claim because the guy had an exhaust on the car. Ask any mechanic and they'll tell you there is no chance the exhaust caused the bent rods....