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Originally Posted by airhead View Post
As for the specific mod needs to be found responsible for the issue caused... I just saw a case on an R32 where the conrod's had been bent, VW denied the claim because the guy had an exhaust on the car. Ask any mechanic and they'll tell you there is no chance the exhaust caused the bent rods....
That is right and that could result the fact that no one is willing to do the job. There is always a chance to be done under different dealers.

Some VW dealer may be incompetance enough so it will take a lot of time to change something other than bolt on and oil change.

To be frank, most dealers in Melbourne in all makes have no clues on diagnosing a car.

We should start a thread about how good the mechanics are in different BMW dealers. I know as a fact that ALL Mazda dealers except one or 2 are hopeless on RX-8s around Australia.

As 135 is a tubro and most are NA in BMW.... hmmm.... (you are thinking now how hard can it be..., but you are dealing with dealer mechanics).
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