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New Tyres... my car has been transformed!

Wow, what a change.

My rears were down to 2mm and the lack of traction was shocking. These RFT's are dreadful from <3mm.

Just had the same Bridgestones fitted today and my car has been transformed, finally I have 2nd gear grip under fairly hard acceleration.

They are still a bit slippy on roundabouts when cold - as I found out this morning when some dunce in a Vectra tried to 'do me' - he didn't but I was slithering round :biggrin:

I had been getting wheelspin in 3rd gear, and even the traction control light coming on changing into 4th at high revs (on a private road).

I had been getting really fed up, but looking forward to some dry roads now for a proper blast now. As my car is leased I have to wait until 2mm to get them changed which is not safe IMO.

A side note... my mpg is poor. If I drive hard everywhere I get 19-20mpg, and if I drive steady (mainly city driving) i get 23mpg. Motorway at 90ish gets me 25.

There is so little change in mpg in this car... thought I would get 28-32 if I took it easy even with town driving?? Think I may be expecting too much :iono:
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