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first - this is the first year of the 1 series, so i don't think BMW is willing to bet all of their chips on a fully spirited track car. From the rumors, and I'll grant they are rumors at this point, it seems BMW has plans to continue to push the 1 series closer and closer to a performance car rather than what it is right now.

second - if you actually payed attention to the sales of the 1 series, the manuals sold out for the 2008 MY in most areas with many many autos left. Again, as BMW continues to develope the 1 series (demand willing) there might be movement toward the performance/track with a larger portion of the cars built with manuals.

I agree there is a business component to the launch of the 1 series, and they wouldn't dare put out a car primarily for the track without a "track record" of sales and demand. That would be a set up for failure. Like Subaru releasing the WRX in NA when there was sufficient evidence that there was an actual tuning/performance market (aka kids with their hondas). BMW is taking a bit more of a conservative approach here and not diving in head first.

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so you disagree with my statement? you think that bmw had the track driven enthusiast in mind when developing this car? Obviously by the issue identified by the OP...they did not. You clearly sir have no idea how marketing works vs. typical consumer...i highly doubt that BMW had the track driver in mind when releasing this car. if they did, the price would be X2 of the current MSRP. Compare the auto vs. manual tranny sales for bmw... if this was a true enthusiast car, dont you think that the manual trannys would supersede the autos? show me the data that the brakes failed during normal street use...not a bunch of theories or opinions.

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