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Originally Posted by Franco View Post
Can I just confirm that when using the normal BMW brake pads the 135 and BMW performance pistons are fine. It's just that when using racing pads the ceramic inserts crumble.

I have only just purchased 1 second hand 130i and it is my first decent car after driving a 94 corolla (my shittty student car). I have never driven a track day but was planning on maybe doing one or two a year.
I was thinking about upgrading my brakes to the 135/performance brakes. If i use the standard pads on the upgraded brakes on a track one or two times a year, then the ceramic inserts should be fine???
That does seem to be the consensus. The only problems reported in this thread that I could see were people using aftermarket track pads in heavy track use. OEM pads didn't have any problems whether street or track.