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Hello guys.

I am following this post since i decided to upgrade my brakes to BMW Performance on my 130i hatch.

I haven't done any trackday events since i installed the Performance brakes.

I am using a 5.1 dot racing fluid (not Motul). I have of course the standard brake pads installed.

Maybe next Sunday i will do a "light" track event... and will film from inside the cockpit.

I am curious to see if they last 2 laps as some people say. I have my doubts.

I normally let the brakes cool down after 10/15 mins or so... that is mandatory i guess.

I always do this during trackdays.. unless i am chasing someone really hard so i try to "last" for one more lap to pass him and then cooldown.

Unless you have a "real" Brembo BBK this is the only way to prevent OEM brakes pads and OEM rotors from getting melted/warped and save top $$$$ (Euros in my case).

I guess if i do the full 20/25 mins of spirited driving/braking yes, the OEM pads would have melt and the OEM brake rotors would have warped.

This vid is from November.. with KW Clubsport, Quaife LSD and H&R sway bars kit installed but still with OEM calipers + EBC yellow pads + 5.1 dot brake fluids. (Save it to hard disk first...)

Did not have any fading problems at all (it was a full day at track).

How do you track your 135i ...?? Do you let it cool down after... 10 mins.. 15 mins.. 20 mins... or ?? Please share.

Bye, Carlo

PS - Any news about Brembo pads for the 135i/Performance calipers?

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