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Originally Posted by jbenington86 View Post
Iv been around... Just got back from Germany thanks... didnt see many turbo cars getting over 100k miles on them well diesels but they are in a totally different section... iv watched enough people destroy there cars with FI.... you go ahead and squeeze as much hp out of ur car as u can and call me when it breaks down.... then again ur fuel pump will prolly fail before anything else hahaha
sounds like the bitter argument of a turd with a slow car and "1 testicle." my previous car was turbo'd and lasted well over 100k miles without an issue. and i had lots of friends with the same car and THEIR cars lasted over 100k too...and they were much more abusive to their vehicles than i was. soo..yea...and my fuel pump will be replaced under warranty and then the issue is gone for good...then....what will you joke about? uh oh.
Is this thing on?