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Originally Posted by WeekendWarrior View Post
sounds like the bitter argument of a turd with a slow car and "1 testicle." my previous car was turbo'd and lasted well over 100k miles without an issue. and i had lots of friends with the same car and THEIR cars lasted over 100k too...and they were much more abusive to their vehicles than i was. soo..yea...and my fuel pump will be replaced under warranty and then the issue is gone for good...then....what will you joke about? uh oh.
wow u get to the speed limit a whole second faster then me bravo bravo ill still have plenty of things to make fun of u for like you and your friends needing to buy the same cars... do you go and hold hands while you make the purchase?... do you all buy the turbo'ed cars together to make it seem like u have a set of balls? because if you have a turbo'ed car that automatically makes you have a giant set of balls right. your car may have balls but that never means the driver does.... btw why r u even reading 128i thread? coming in here just tryin to make fun of the more conservative bmw crowd that isnt all about racing.. someone just entertains the thought of making a 128i just as quick as the 135i and everyone with a 135 jumps down the throats of the people with the 128 saying not possible thats stupid...... I get the same nice ride and smooth driving so I could care less