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Originally Posted by maddad View Post
Might take another week or so before we can get updated clips of just the axleback. We have made serveral samples and the axleback on my car right now is one that's not going to's too quiet. The one that will make it to production is now on the car that we tested as a catback. I do have plans to get extended sound clips of that one but will probably be this weekend at best. The weather in MA. hasn't been very favorable.

However I do want to make it clear that the sound samples currently listed are all from the same sample unit..the one that was approved for production. It started off on my car for the past couple of months. This past weekend we took it off and installed it on another car and tested it in catback form(without resonstors), but not before grabbing one last clips(as used in the youtube video) and we then fitted the newer/quieter axleback(with the CF tips) on my car. It was just too quiet. Better sound character than stock but quiter than stock. If there is anyone out there that is totally catless and needs a very special axleback to quiet things down let me know. I have the perfect one-off axleback for you with carbon fiber tips

I actually wouldn't mind the quiet one, since i'm planning to go cattless from the turbo back. Any special pricing on a used system?
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