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After you have done step 43 but the resevior cup back in. Just like they did in 36 it just forgets to mention it. I left mine out for a few steps then it occured to me....wait this thing needs go in here now.

figure 67...says us the m6X16mm bolts supplied to connect the scoop to the injen plenum. They will not fit through the existing holes on the scoop. Simply take that same 1/4 drill bit and make the holes bigger.

Lastly. I think someone mentioned it but there are no screws for the second airscoop. I am sure you could leave it out, but it just didnt look right. So I went to get som m6 12mm bolts with nuts to install the second scoop. Now, while I was there they did not have ss bolts. They only had zink black coated. I just couldnt have bolt not match so I went ahead and bought enough 6mX12mm zink coated bolts for everything. So now it matches the interior fairly well.

Overall the install is very strait forward, no real problems at all. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

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