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my garage...

alright...its the parking garage across from the aegean (top floor above bugaboo) next to home depot in watertown. its my go to locale at the moment. i think i have to take a break from it for a while though...
I have a funny story about that garage. I grew up in Watertown.....

Back in the day my buddy had an '81 Malibu that we used to bomb around in. He blew the original 3.8 so we dropped in a 350 from a GMC truck. But I digress........

So anyhow, this Malibu had an aftermarket steering wheel and for some reason sometimes when you turn the wheel the horn beeped without touching the center, must have been wires touching. We were driving around with a couple of girls and decided out at the top of that garage. Well we got up there and there was a cop hanging out there, killing time. So my buddy just decides, lets go and turns the wheel to turn around and go back down the ramp.....and the horn starts going nuts. This obviously gets the cop's attention and he starts following us. Long story short, he followed us for a while and had us scared cause we had some booze in the trunk but he ended up turning off after a while.

I can still remember my buddy's face when the horn started going and the cop looked up all pissed the good old days!
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