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Originally Posted by MadMan77 View Post
I didn't receive the auto-response unless it was lost in my SPAM messages on Yahoo. Otherwise, I would have waited and sent another email after you were back in the shop.

It is a shame that everyone waiting for the better clips, myself included, will no longer get the $649 price.
I'm a realist and I realize as a vendor its embarassing to me that I still don't have better sound clips up yet...and therefor the $649.95 price will live on for a bit. My plan will be to let it the $649.95 price remain for about two weeks AFTER I have updated sound clips posted so don't worry about missing out on the extra discount while waiting for some quality sound clips.

And Eyeman - your observations are interesting because they agree with what we found when testing 3 different axlebacks(3 different loudness levels). The general idle and WOT sound were different, but there was not much difference in apparent drone in the cabin so we went with the louder of the 3 setups.