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Just installed a set of Cool Carbons on my 1351. Some of the tips here proved useful, however I do question the need to take off all 4 wheels at the same time. I started with the rears as the were going to be the easiest to do, and would reward with me some satisfaction in at least getting the job half done. The fronts I expected to be a challenge but things went very smoothly, and had no issue in removing the two bolts that hold the caliper on. Used a dab of Locktite on the T40 torx head bolts as wells as the two large bolts.

I suspect the reason BMW recommends new bolts each time is that their lawyers have warned them if these bolts are reused without thread locker, there is a remote possibility that they could back out if some shade tree mechanic or even a tech failed to torque the bolts to the proper spec. I would think it is not a case of the bolts being over stressed, the things are huge. (Please note this is only my opinion, not fact.)

Another nice thing about the Cool Carbons is they do have the cut outs from the brake sensors, and have backing plates installed; as well as detailed instructions on breaking in the brakes for the best results. Time will tell if they are fairly dustless, at any rate can't be nearly as horrible as the OEM pads.