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I am pretty annoyed by the jerky 1-2 gear shifting.... not sure if it is related to my skill or the CDV. So I have done the following experiment:

1. Shifting from 1 to 2 at higher Rev (e.g. 3,000-3,500rpm in my case, instead of 2,000-2,500 in my old Silvia S15) could reduce the jerky action.

2. Jerky action when shifting from 1 to 2 at 2,000-2,500rpm could also be reduced IF you shift really really fast from 1 position to 2 position....

My theory:
If you target to shift at 3,000rpm for example, when you lift the clutch pedel, CDV delays the engagement of the clutch, more time to let rev drop; rev not matched, jerky action resulted...

So "shiting at higher rev", or "quicker shifting action" help reduce the rev mis-match and jerky behavior.

But I am tired of learning shifting all over again ~>.<~