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Originally Posted by RobMason View Post
An M car is defined by BMW as an M car, simply by the way they deem it to be, and I agree, it has to do with the M Motorsport division of BMW. And I agree that if someone put the designation "///M135i" on their one series BMW, they are falsely indicating that their car is something it isn't. However, BMW has seen fit to tag so many things with the ///M badge that they have diminished the significance of an M car.

This thread is not about whether a car is an M car or not, but can one display the ///M logo on M-Sport cars from BMW, without ridicule from the BMW community. I say it is acceptable on cars sold from BMW with M-Sport on the window sticker from the factory. You may not agree, or like it, much as I don't like black wheels on cars, but I don't ridicule people that do like them, and won't criticize those who use license plate frames or valve stem covers that have the ///M logo on it, on their cars, nor the ///M logo elsewhere on their M-Sport cars.

I would not agree that a non M-Sport car has license to display the logo. I wouldn't turn them in to the BMW M/// monitoring police.
The only differences between the M-Sport package and the Sport package on the 1er are cosmetic - mostly more ///M badges sprinkled around the car. Nothing more in the way of performance. The Sport package also has ///M badges, just not as many. So what makes an M-Sport 1 more qualified to wear the ///M badge than a Sport 1?

The responses on this board are a sample of what others on the road will be thinking. Justified or not, expect a lot of ridicule. But, it's your car - if the good feeling you get by adding a ///M outweighs the ridicule you'll get from a lot of other owners - who cares what others think?