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I can't believe this is still going. If you care so much about what BMW intended, why don't you just marry them?

Debadge = tasteful.

///M on the back of your car = you removed something from your car, +1. You added something with no performance function to your car made of "chrome plastic" -10.

It would be better if you tore out your passenger seat, carpets, sound deadening material, rear bench, and CDV. Modifications to any sports car should involve removing all comfort features and ripping as much weight out as humanly possible, not sticking chrome things to your car.

If anyone here had the balls to gut their 135i out and use it as a daily driver/track toy, it would be hillarious. If you ordered your car with idrive and tore it all out, replacing it with useful electronic gauges, it would be +100.

Q-cars are so much cooler than trying to show off what you have. There's always something faster and less practical for DD. The more you try to make your car look faster, the more you lose.