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wmo168: Johannesburg, like any city, has its bad areas and share of problems. It's the economic hub of Africa and is home to many news cars and toys. Unless you classify yourself as a VIP, having a bodyguard is just plain ridiculous. Look to South America for that kind of excitement. From personal experience, insurance on my coupe isn't too bad. Its 'rarity' reduces premiums.

VanillaRush: Congratulations on the 125i order! The coupe really is a special beast and your options list looks top notch. I've only seen one example of Sedona red and it looks gorgeous!

2. Sun protection glazing, is this a clear film or it this Window tinting?
I'd imagine it to be a permanent bonded tint and not a film but I stand to be corrected.

3. Does the acoustic sealt belt warning make a difference?
It's your standard safety nanny gong which starts off slow and intensifies if driver and/or passenger don't buckle up.