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Ok so i've tried really hard to get this grill off without any success..

Can get the top clips off easily, but the bottom ones are really hard..

Maybe I am not understanding the instructions properly, but I have just ended up with a mauled bottom clip if anything.. (stupid "techie")

I tried to use a coat hanger, didnt work, went and bought a right angle tool, didnt work (before it broke that was - grip slipped off..)

Took it to BMW, they had no clue how to get it off.. The technician was fiddling around with a screwdriver and I see he has mauled the clip trying to get it off (bottom one)

Could someone perhaps explain it a bit better (how to get the bottom clips off).

BMW told me to come in on Sat and they'll take my bumper off for me to get the grills out.. :/