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Originally Posted by m4tthew View Post
Bet you didn't know that I don't give two pubes off my own balls where they're made . Also I would like to see proof of that statement, especially considering all Work wheels (Volk, Work, etc.) are made in house and I highly doubt they are outsourcing their services to make replica wheels, far too much liability. And there is a visible difference, put the two side by side and I'll tell you the reps any day.

Regardless, to me it's the same thing as those women who carry replica handbags and douchers who wear fake Rolex's and Oakleys. I work in sales and probably once a week I'll have some wanna-be hot shot mom come in with one of those fake DB giraffe print bags then complain about our prices and pay with a Capital One card. I'd rather be motorboating a pair of B cups than some honkin fakies, at least until I find some nice big C's or D's to play with.

In case you do not understand the above metaphor, B cups are stockers, C's represent a set of BBS, D's would be a nice set of HRE's and silicone=reps.
Man, you sure do talk alot of shit for someone who just joined.

I suppose, though, for the sake of authenticity, that we should all pony up for "real" CSLs (or other wheels)...even though the fitment is so poor that the rear tires stick out farther than fake breasts (to follow your analogy).

The rim market for this car is bleak. Getting anything truly decent (by your standards) requires going custom. And since this is the "cheap" BMW, not all of us want to pay $7,000 for rims.

Why don't you drop the superiority act? Do you not realize that by talkin all this shit without anything to back it up, you're the very thing that you're railing against?

I know you're better than all of us, so maybe you should just start your own website. Nobody here wants to argue about something as stupid as your idea of what's right and proper as it relates to the female anatomy.

Say, why are you posting on this forum...after all, the 1 series is just a wannabe clone of the 3 series, right? I would have thought you could spot that.