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Originally Posted by oneintheory View Post
Man, you sure do talk alot of shit for someone who just joined.

I suppose, though, for the sake of authenticity, that we should all pony up for "real" CSLs (or other wheels)...even though the fitment is so poor that the rear tires stick out farther than fake breasts (to follow your analogy).

The rim market for this car is bleak. Getting anything truly decent (by your standards) requires going custom. And since this is the "cheap" BMW, not all of us want to pay $7,000 for rims.

Why don't you drop the superiority act? Do you not realize that by talkin all this shit without anything to back it up, you're the very thing that you're railing against?

I know you're better than all of us, so maybe you should just start your own website. Nobody here wants to argue about something as stupid as your idea of what's right and proper as it relates to the female anatomy.

Say, why are you posting on this forum...after all, the 1 series is just a wannabe clone of the 3 series, right? I would have thought you could spot that.
Oh, so voicing my opinion against the majority in this thread (and apparently on this site) is talking shit? How about everyone who is legitimately talking shit saying that this guy's vinyl eyelids "suck" or "look like shit"? I guess it's ok since ya'll have been on the site for such a looong time. Almost your year anniversary!

How would I go about backing up my opinion? Please tell me how that is possible and I'd be glad to . And how am I railing against myself? I don't rock reps or eyelids. I don't expect people to rock real CSL's, I just don't think people should be rolling on reps either. "Real" wheels aren't $7k, try $1200 for some OZ's or $3500 for some custom Work's.

And maybe YOU don't want to talk about the female anatomy, but my guess would be most people on this site are more interested in it than cars, if not it's probably a close second. Discussion is what the site is here for isn't it? Comparing ideas and opinions? You seem to think my posts are pointless and a waste of everyone's time, but alas you posted a response did you not?

I chose a 1 because it's faster and nimbler than a 335, if you bought it because it's the "cheap" BMW then you're buying a car for all the wrong reasons. Oh and you're argument about not wanting to spend $5k for the real thing is the same argument that people wearing fake Breitling's and Ray Ban's use. Bet you'd laugh in their face if they tried to use that one on you.