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The transmission: I had very mixed emotions from the beginning. It is pretty notchy and sloppy, and definitely not the best for a car of this caliber. I added the BMW SSK and CDV mod, and while it is better, it still leaves a lot to be desired for the reputation BMW has for silky smooth drivelines. It couldn't hold a candle to the 550 edition Boxster S I had before this car.
personally I hope they never fix this, while it could be a shorter throw with tighter bushings, the notchy feeling better stick around, it's notchy because there's no cables and crap to buffer the feeling of clicking into gear, bmw shifters use a very direct path into the transmission the smoothness of a honda transmission is not something I want

Coming from an m3 I disagree with you on your suspension complaints, if you dont like the sway get swaybars, there's no way I want a rougher ride than it already is
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