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Interesting read, thanks for taking the time to review. I can't say that I feel the same after 6 months with mine. In the end it all comes down to expectations, and the trend I've seen is that the folks that are most dissatisfied with the 135 are the ones that early adopted. At this point I don't think anyone would say that the 135 is most at home on a track, there are cars other cars available at similar price points that are better suited to that role. Then again those cars also require you to make sacrifices in other areas. The greatness of the 135 to me is its ability to do so many things so well. It isn't the fastest, best handling, or most comfortable and luxurious car made for the money, but the fact that it's in the discussion in each of those categories is what's so impressive about it.

As for the nav, the one in the '09 cars gives up little to any competitor's system, and I think most folks that bought the '08 cars knew or should have known that an overhaul wasn't far away. Incidentally, if you want a Lexus with a touch-screen nav you better act fast, as their current systems are all controller based. My GF has a 2010 RX with their latest nav, and I can't say that I think it's appreciably better or worse than the latest Idrive.

On your CA problems, I think it's worth every dime, and if it isn't working right get the car to the dealer and have it fixed. Mine opens immediately except for the slight delay with the trunk sensor that seems to be typical, and an occasional miss when my keys are in my pocket behind my cell phone.

I completely agree about the free maintenance program that seems to be driven more by dollars and cents than anything, and I agree the build quality of the car isn't perfect. I can't say I'm disappointed though given the alternatives out there in the $35-45K range and what they bring to the table.

Thanks again for the review!