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I have three issues with your review. 1. Porsche has never been and still is not know for anywhere near BMW build quality. Lexus is another matter but there's no way the 1er is much less, if any, less solid than a Porsche. 2. Unless you're comparing the 1 to a Porsche the transmission is absolutely NOT sloppy. Notchy-sometimes, but it is tighter than (insert vagina reference) and definitely tighter than most cars. and 3. Suspension-the car has one of the better stock suspensions I've ridden on. Again it's not fair to compare it to a Porsche, but it is stiff and very controlled-way more so than most cars in its class (at least with the sport package).
While Porsche is not known for excellent reliability, BMW is no angel when it comes to this either. It takes about 5 minutes of driving my last car to realize the fit and finish, and overall build quality that goes into the Porsche is much better. It feels much more refined, and more like everythhing works together and is matching. The suspension and engine work well together, whereas on the 135 the suspension sucks and it has a powerful engine.

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personally I hope they never fix this, while it could be a shorter throw with tighter bushings, the notchy feeling better stick around, it's notchy because there's no cables and crap to buffer the feeling of clicking into gear, bmw shifters use a very direct path into the transmission the smoothness of a honda transmission is not something I want

Coming from an m3 I disagree with you on your suspension complaints, if you dont like the sway get swaybars, there's no way I want a rougher ride than it already is

the problem is that coming from a Limited ed. Boxster S that has a SSK from the factory, it felt just as tight without the notchiness. On the suspension, it is not about the stiffness, its the poor compression/rebound rates that this car has. The car acts skittish, and soesn't rides as well as the boxters cup suspension that the car had. it was stiffer, yet drove much better.

BTW: I have upgraded sway bars, and am still not happy with the suspension, so it is definitely the shock/spring combo.

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I couldn't disagree with you more on the suspension. It is one of the better all-around sports suspensions I've even driven. You aren't going to find brutal coilover stiffness on any non-exotic.
I'm not looking for a real stiff suspension, just a suspension where the rebound and compression rates match the car.

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Good review. I like it when people are honest about their opinions and the shortcomings of a car they happened to purchase.

I have had my 135 for about 16 months now....and I can honestly say I am getting bored with it. I have been looking at the Cayman S far too much for someone not quite halfway into my lease.

I just think that BMW could have made this car so much better....I am truly intrigued about the super-sport version, whenever it is available....but definitely bored for now....
Thanks, I don't see the point in praising a car on points it should not. It is not productive for people buying the car when they will not be happy with it...

Yeah, I bought the car almost fully loaded (all except PDC and active steering) and don't want to take that much loss at this point in to my purchase... The Boxster was a much better car, and is leagues above this. Never really understood the appeal of the Cayman as it is just a hardtop Boxster that cost more IMHO. Everyone wants something different in a car I guess.