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Originally Posted by BlackjackMulligan View Post
I had a Boxster as well before the 1er and I miss it terribly. I like the 1er no doubt, it just doesn't have that extra "something" that you get with Porsche.
Yep, I miss mine dearly Nothing beats the feel of confidence that that Porsche gave me around the twisties.

Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
If you are happy with the power output of the engine, but not happy with the suspension, why did you mod your car to have more power instead of upgrading the suspension?
I upgraded the Sway Bars, but planned on upgrading to coilovers soon after. I got some excellent deals on my performance parts with my discounts as well. I will be adding coilovers soon....

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Interesting your take on the IS350 versus the 135. I do like the IS350 which my friend has (and my boss has an IS-F that I've driven) and I find the IS to be softer and less connected to the road than my 135 vert and so does my friend. It's especially true when you push it to the limits in my opinion.
yeah, there is definitely more steering feedback on the Bimmer, but the suspension is much less skittish on the Lexus imho.