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Originally Posted by Eyeman View Post
I'm also sort of coming from a Porsche (had an Audi also) and am in agreement with this original review. Other than the motor, my One is much more comparable to my Audi than my Porsche But for the price, etc, that's what I expected. I'd still rank my One as one of or maybe even the best daily driver ever. I did change to KW V1's and now my ride is nearly as stiff as my Porsche 968 but with more roll. It's now probably not as good of a daily driver now but I like it better. I'll probably upgrade my front sway bar soon.

I really love the N54 and it's potential. The headlights are incredible. My least favorite features are the small gas tank and fuel pump concerns.
Right before my 135i, I had a 2006 A4 2.0 quattro S-line (sport suspension).
My 135i is more comparable to a sport A4, I agree.
The A4, with quattro and sport suspension, and great tires is a very nice automobile.
Still, my 135i has a greater level of handling. The ride is close, but my 1 is a tad bouncier than the A4.

I actually liked the "adaptive" headlights in the A4 more than my 135i.
In the A4 the lights swiveled left to right, but also up and down.
On accel the lights would level themselves, as they did on hard decel too.
The low beam throw was better too. Maybe I need to adjust my 135i's headlights?