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There was a few reasons I went 28 vs. 35!
For me #1 cost was a factor. I purchased b4 the economic downturn so there was little room for bargining when I bought.
Next I really wanted a vert so adding the vert to the 135, I was looking at over 45k.
Also the 1 second difference in speed was a non issue for me.
I have no problem arriving 1 second later and saving the extra bucks. Also after reading the reviews, sure the 35 is an animal, but the 28 is hardly a slouch.
I really dont give a crap about xenons, I can see pretty good at night with the standard.
Also now after reading some peoples thoughts about the suspension being a bit harsh, glad I dont have the sports package, bit more softer ride w/o SP, I hear!
I do wish I had the sports seats one mistake.
I know if I had sport seats then I would have the sport suspension too.