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Originally Posted by Midgad View Post
There was a few reasons I went 28 vs. 35!
For me #1 cost was a factor. I purchased b4 the economic downturn so there was little room for bargining when I bought.
Next I really wanted a vert so adding the vert to the 135, I was looking at over 45k.
Also the 1 second difference in speed was a non issue for me.
I have no problem arriving 1 second later and saving the extra bucks. Also after reading the reviews, sure the 35 is an animal, but the 28 is hardly a slouch.
I really dont give a crap about xenons, I can see pretty good at night with the standard.
Also now after reading some peoples thoughts about the suspension being a bit harsh, glad I dont have the sports package, bit more softer ride w/o SP, I hear!
I do wish I had the sports seats one mistake.
I know if I had sport seats then I would have the sport suspension too.
I agree the 128i is an excellent, and fast coupe.
There is NO reason to every question why someone would buy it over a 135i. It's really a loaded question on these forums.
It just leads to some people making themselves feel better or superior because they have the 135i. It sucks to see on an enthusiasts forum.

One thing thought, the 128i is not just 1 second "slower". It's a good deal slower in comparison to the 135i in 0-60, 1/4 mile, and trap speed, and passing, etc... The difference is greater than the difference in the E46 325i an 330i.

The seats I can see going without, but the suspension is a must have.
Luckily though, you can fix that easily, and the aftermarket will give you a BETTER sport suspension than what BMW put on.

The 1 really is a great drivers automobile, and a good "first" attempt in the North American market. I'm really looking forward to what BMW will do in the next one. And, since I lease, I'll be ready for a new BMW in 3 years.
I hope BMW fixes the little things in the 1 series. If not, then they better NOT mess up the 3 series.