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Originally Posted by MOCKBA View Post
So if money is no consideration, just imagine you are offered a gift (128 or 135 with any options and life time gas pre paid), would you still choose 128?

PS No rights to sell car, it is like free lease, gas included, otherwise all of us will take 135, sell it, get 128 and some extra money.
See, that's a loaded question.
What's the point of that question, really?

If someone offered me a free 335i vert over my 135i coupe, YES I would take the vert. So what?
Yes, I could nearly afford to have spent the extra money on a 335i vert, but I didn't want to spend the extra money. I'm sure there are plenty of 128i owners who could afford the 135i, and they simply didn't want to spend the extra on it, as the 128i simply gives them what they want.

People buy what they want AND what they are willing to pay.
It's not as if 128i owners are acting superior to the 135i owners.
So, again, what's the point of that question?