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Originally Posted by Mad Dragon View Post
A 128i (w/ZSP) will go just as fast as a 135i; it just takes us a few more seconds to get there.

The N54 has nothing in common with the M54, other than materials and displacement. It shares the same block-and-bedplate design as theN52.
Seems you quoted the wrong person.

The question of the TT N54 and what engine it's "based" on, has been discussed very often on the net.
However, the N54 is not the same block as the N52. If they were the same block, then you have to ignore the fact that the 2 engines use different materials and have different bore and stroke.

The N54 TT shares block materials and bore and stroke of the M54.
BMW didn't simply put turbo's onto the N52, and BMW must know why.
I think that's why a lot of publications have said that the TT is "based" more so on the M54, not that it's the same block.