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Originally Posted by CrazyIvan View Post
135i looked like a better value to me: once you add in all the options, the price advantage of 128 is nearly non-existent. Plus I really like M aero kit, Xenons, 300hp...
I thought the same thing - I was originally planning to get a 128i because I liked the engine, and thought it was plenty powerful for me (I had test-driven the 135i and thought it was great, too, but seriously didn't think I needed all the crazy power of the N54.) I was planning on installing the BMW performance suspension, upgraded brakes, wheels, and the like. Be kind of neat to have a a unique vehicle, I thought. But when I did the math, it was just cheaper to get a 135i with all that standard.

That said, the N52 engine is a fantastic one, and I do not think anyone is 'settling' by getting a 128i.