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Originally Posted by HondaGoneRogue View Post
Wrong buddy....they aren't 1200 each.
I stand corrected. Each one is only $ 1.075.40

01 AHL-xenon headlight, left 63 1 171 812 93
01 AHL-xenon headlight, right 63 1 171 812 94

I called these guys this morning:

BMW Seattle08/08/09

Of course, by the time you add local taxes etc - they would be just over $1,125 each - not the $1,200 that I reported earlier - my apologies.

In Canada - the BMW Store in Vancouver quoted me CDN$1,226 each.

Anyway - 'buddy' - there you have it, goyourself.

Part 63117181293 (AHL-xenon headlight, left) was found on the following vehicles:

E81: Details on E81
E81 116d 3 doors, Europe
E81 116i 1.6 3 doors, Europe
E81 116i 2.0 3 doors, Europe
E81 118d 3 doors, Europe
E81 118i 3 doors, Europe
E81 120d 3 doors, Europe
E81 120i 3 doors, Europe
E81 123d 3 doors, Europe
E81 130i 3 doors, Europe

E82: Details on E82
E82 120d Coupé, Europe
E82 123d Coupé, Europe
E82 125i Coupé, Europe
E82 135i Coupé, Europe

E87N: Details on E87N
E87N 116d 5 doors, Europe
E87N 116i 1.6 5 doors, Europe
E87N 116i 2.0 5 doors, Europe
E87N 118d 5 doors, Europe
E87N 118i 5 doors, Europe
E87N 120d 5 doors, Europe
E87N 120i 5 doors, Europe
E87N 123d 5 doors, Europe
E87N 130i 5 doors, Europe
E88: Details on E88
E88 118d Convertible, Europe
E88 118i Convertible, Europe
E88 120d Convertible, Europe
E88 120i Convertible, Europe
E88 123d Convertible, Europe
E88 125i Convertible, Europe
E88 135i Convertible, Europe

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