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Originally Posted by Xin1120 View Post
I just got the JB+ last week and recently installed the BMS DCI on the car and I love it. Its currently set on 50% with 93 octane and i'm really contemplating on turning it up to either 75% or 100%.

Any of you guys who have been running JB+ long term at a higher setting than 50% had any problems? By long term i'm saying around a year?

I already bought a BT scanner, its on its way to me so I will be able to clear codes if necessary. However I don't really want to do the solenoid bypass since its just one more thing I need to revert if I go back to the dealer.

Thanks in advance.

Been running SSTT (similar to JB+ @ 75-80%) for 18,000 miles on UK 98 octane (~US 93) with absolutely no problems or codes (got BT).