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Post DIY: Make your own angel eyes led marker h8 bulb!

Hi all.. We all now that there is some led angel eye bulbs on market.. But they are expensive and some of us has problems to reach it... And i had some problems about finding and buying it! In Istanbul there is no place to buy it, also it is not ok to buy from ebay due to duty process. And now i make my own H8 led angel eye bulb! It works perfect for now on

Ok first of all what you need:

- Stock or market H8 bulb (x2)
- 3 power leds per bulb (any color you want)
- After calculation choosing the right resistors
- 2 compenent adhesive (has to be resist over high temparature)
- some copper wires
- and a kind of cylinder/pipe body to attach leds on it ( i used a pencil )

Lets check them:

1) H8 stock bulbs, orginal one and the one that i broke the bulb and get the socket...

2) Power leds, i have helio power leds (red color,1 watt, 2-3 V, 350 mA)

3) You have to use some resistors, depends on your leds and setup..

4) And a body that we attach the leds on it. I have pencil body...

5) A good adhesive and copper wires...

-We have to connect leds in serial, and the resistor/s to anode (+) polar. There is a hole at the power leds bracket that you can understand it is anode.

-Then we attach the wires to H8 socket, here it is which is the (+) and (-)!

-Make the copper wires a bit long to work properly, then add some adhesive to body and the socket. Attach them together. After that attach leds on the body in proper position you can check my bulb for that. And make the connection between leds, resistor/s and the socket. You finished it! Also add some adhesive on some wires and resistors to attach them to body..

Here it is my handmade H8 led angel bulb...

Notes: You have to calculate what resistors you have to use that depends on your leds and setup! You can use ohm's law for that:

Ohms = ( V.bat - V.led ) / Amp.led.

*where V.bat = voltage of battery, V.led = voltage of LED, Amp.led = Amp of LED

Example for my leds: (12v - 3*2v) / 0.35 A = 18 ohms but i used 2*24 ohms for safety and also for the correct brightness!

You have to check your handmade bulbs at home with 12 V power supply that it is working properly or not! Be aware of not burning resistors! So just attach higher resistors then you calculated! Also the adhesive that you use must be resist over high temparature because in hot summer days and also because of warm resistors bad adhesives can be melt! Again i say check your bulbs at home with a power supply!!! And make it work for about 1-2 hours properly! Never try it if you dont think you can handle it! You can harm your self and also your car!

And also sorry for my bad english and i didnt took pictures step by step... I will do it when i am making the new bulbs with white color leds, and then gonna post it!

Here it is the pictures after attached to my hatch

You can see that the color is a bit orange because my digital camera is not so good so we cant see the correct red color

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