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Originally Posted by Kris View Post
Interesting! ok so your using the modulite kit... sweet..
Finally got the left rear tailight replaced and the trailer hooked up (even got a spare mounted on the tongue and painted those hideous white wheels with silver wheel paint).

I do not get a 'bulb out' indication with my model of modulite (119146 and a 10 Amp fuse on the power wire) and wired up per my connections in post #24:

Left side of the car in multibulb assembly wires:
MODULITE ----------------------------------------------135i
LEFT TURN -------------------------------------- Blue wire with green stripe
BRAKES ----------------------------------------- Purple with Yellow stripe

Left side of the car on Tail light bulb harness:
TAIL LIGHTS ------------------------------------ Purple wire with Light Blue stripe

Right side of the car in multibulb assembly:
RIGHT TURN ------------------------------------- Blue wire with Brown stripe

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