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Originally Posted by twin fed View Post
I really don't know, it says E87 on the box and I called PIAA to confirm the part number (19503). I even went on your website to see what you had and I am still confused. The MTEC MT611's look similar to the PIAA's so I don't know how they would fit. But I did notice that at the bottom of the page it says BMW E87 1 Series 2004-2007. Do they have a different headlight assembly then 2008 E87? That would make sense about PIAA. But on your website you also offer the RD Angel Eye E6X/E53/E39/E87 which then says that the year span for the E87 is 2004- and those look exactly like the PIAA bulbs. So please let me know and what would you reccomend for me if I want an LED Angle Eye. Thanks.

the MT-611 MT611 wont fit on your model, i can verify this already without looking