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Originally Posted by M3Armand View Post
Wow... great post and exactly the type of info I was looking for... THANKS!

The Carrera S doesn't have that "wide body" look.

So you're telling me that the 996 (315 hp) is faster in a straight line than the 135 on the track?

E46M3 = cow on ice

The Boxster / Cayman is the best handling Porsche hands down.

996 = 315 normally aspirated high end horsepower, 135I terrific mid range torque runs out of breath at high revs. The 996 is picking up where the 135 is flattening out.

E46M3 = cow on ice (I have driven both on the track). It will take cubic dollars to make a 135I work as well on the track as an M3. Suspension geometry, bushings, spring rates, shocks, weight distribution. That said it will really depend on the driver. Equal drivers, M3 wins...

Daily Driver = 135I although I did spend years commuting into DC in a 911. I also commuted in a Boxster; but, visibility with the top up is probably as bad as it is in any car.

On the track a Cayman (or to a lesser degree a Boxster) is a terrific car. Hard to match their stock performance. But, I did not choose either one of those for my daily driver.

Boxster is also claustrophobic and nowhere to put stuff in the car. 911 you can reach behind the seats. I have commuted on long trips in both and the 911 is way more comfortable, that said it's the seats that matter on the 1000 mile trips. To me Porsche Sport seats are great for long distance travel, and oddly, non-sport seats are not very comfortable for extended periods.
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