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Originally Posted by WhiteOne View Post
You could find a pristine 993 for around $25,000.... Doesn't the Carrara S have the wide rear and 2 wheel drive?
Nope, Carrera S is "narrow body". Pristine 993 costs MORE than a 996...

Originally Posted by plasar View Post
Additional points in favor of 135i:

+tech: you'll get the latest iDrive, HDD based nav, iPod integration, phone integration, comfort access. Despite some minor grips with these features, I think BMW has some of the best and deepest tech around.
I don't plan on getting NAV, iDrive, comfort access...really annoying to me. NAV = super overpriced for $2500? My $300 Garmin does a better job. I had BMW's NAV in my Z4 and it was crap.

Originally Posted by plasar View Post
+specification: you'll be able to spec exactly as you want - color, options, etc. (You can use this to help sell your wife if you need to, i.e., let her pick the color.).
Have my wife pick the color? What are you crazy? Where's your manhood?

Originally Posted by plasar View Post
+smell: somehow you can't get that new car smell in a bottle, it takes a new car!.
You know, I LOVE the new car smell... Which is why I never bought a used car before (except my first college car). BUT, Griot's sells the new car smell... and it's pretty darn good.
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