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Points taken M3Armand... I would just respond:

* If tech often annoys you, and you prefer portable/economical nav, that's cool. But $2.5K for nav/iDrive/iPod/phone integration and BMW Assist buys a lot more than just "nav". Whether it's worth it is your decision.

Is iDrive worth the price?

I think it's a adequate value, considering the cost of other manufacturers systems. And my career is IT - I love this stuff! (When it works...)

* It's not exactly about your wife choosing the color, it's about making her think she chose the color. There's several color combos that work just fine for me for the 135i - for ext, Red, Silver, Grey, Bluewater, White, Tan, and for int, Black, Grey, Red, Tan. I'd make sure that she chose one we both liked.

BTW, my manhood is usually in my girlfriend's hands... or other areas... and I like to keep it that way!