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Looking for someone for before/after Dyno parts testing.

Hey folks,

We're looking to find someone local that is interested in some parts discounts in trade for your willingness to have your car baseline dyno'd..stock, then with a MadDad Whisper Axleback and/or catback.

I may just use my car since this is our products...however I was dumb enough not to get a baseline before having my exhaust installed. I may just put the factory exhaust back on and go get the baseline or have the car dyno'd with the exhaust and then swap back to stock and dyno again...and then install my exhaust yet again. Which I may just end up doing unless.....

If one of you here was thinking about getting an axleback or catback for you 135i anyway then we may be of mutual benefit. I don't want this to be a for sale is not, we do that in the commercial forum so if you have interest in this plesse PM and we can discuss.

Mods - if you think this post is out of line feel free to shut it down - however since we're looking for someone in the MA/NH. area I thought this would be a good spot to post.