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Originally Posted by jbinbi View Post
Wow. Just came across this forum and figured I would post this question myself. I just got a 1 year old 128ci, it has sport package with manual seats, and NO LUMBAR support.

My wife and I took a 2 hour trip, and she wants me to return the car! I love how it drives, but the small of my back, and hers are killing us. She put a small pillow behind her and it helps, but that won't work for me.

Does anyone have any suggestions besides purchasing a new seat? Thanks.
The parts alone will cost ~ $600-650 for one seat, I found, and would likely have to be special ordered from Germany. (I posted the link to the parts number list above in the first post.)

I purchased these from a store called Relax the Back:

They have a brick-and-mortar store right down the street from my house, and the saleslady let me take a bunch of cushions out of the store and in to my car to test out.

I had actually injured my back while on vacation 2 weeks ago, and currently am on pain meds. Today was the first day I drove to work this week (30 min one-way commute) and these cushions felt very comfortable. And no, I had not taken that pain med until I got to work.

The thigh/seat cushion is amazingly comfortable; the lumbar/back is good, but they have other options, and I may yet return it to try something else. The nice thing about this cushion, though, is that the lumbar support firmness is adjustable via a knob on the side. This seemed like a better alternative than possibly $1,000 for installation of the OEM lumbar adjustment.

I do know that someone on Bimmerfest successfully retrofitted an OEM lumbar kit to an E46 3-series (search around there.) He did say that while it was a success, it definitely wasn't a DIY for the faint of heart.

EDIT: A plague on BMWUSA's house for not including lumbar with the power seat option, or just making it a standalone option.