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Originally Posted by jbinbi View Post
jkp. thanks for the link on the external add.

I don't have power seats at all, so I am not sure about doing this E46 retrofit. Also, I wonder what this costs vs. if it were even possible to purchase an power seat. Wondering if a junkyard might have one?
The range I've heard for a brand-new seat from BMW is ~ $3,000 each.

Junkyard might be an idea, but something tells me there will be pretty slim pickings in yards for 1er seats for at least a few years. I'm not sure how the wiring would work, though, since you don't have power seats to begin with. Plus, who knows what kind of body control module stuff you might have to play around with to get the car to 'recognize' that there's a power seat with lumbar.

Better question - I wonder if the E90 3-series seats would plug-and-play into a 1er? That would at least expand the possibilities.